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The pace of change in the world’s financial systems is breathtaking, and at the heart of this transformation is the principle of sound money — a principle whose time has come.

Citizens for Sound Money (C4SM) is spearheading a monumental legislative drive, currently focusing on key states where our actions could resonate the loudest: Florida, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Texas, and Utah. Our tireless efforts and strategic lobbying have yielded promising support from lawmakers and officials who recognize the critical importance of our mission.


Our legislative package, ambitious and forward-thinking, encompasses three pivotal areas:

  • Legal Tender Recognition: Championing gold and silver as recognized legal tender, we are paving the way for a stable and reliable monetary system.
  • State Depositories: We advocate for the establishment of state depositories, ensuring that precious metals are securely held and managed within each state, reinforcing the financial autonomy and security of our monetary system.
  • Digital Currency Advancement: In an era where digital transactions define commerce, we promote Asset Backed Digital Currencies (ABDCs) grounded in tangible assets like gold and silver, combining the timeless value of precious metals with the efficiency of modern technology.

The journey thus far has been marked by unprecedented advocacy and groundbreaking discussions. In Florida, our collaboration with key figures is setting the stage for the Sound Money Act, with similar efforts gaining traction in New Hampshire. South Carolina presents a unique challenge, yet we are undeterred, seeking legislative champions to join our cause. We are also casting our gaze beyond, identifying 18 additional states ready to embrace sound money principles.

The urgency to act is now. To continue our advocacy and extend our reach, we need your support more than ever. Join us in this crucial endeavor to secure a future built on the solid foundation of sound money.


FAQ: The Importance of the Sound Money Act

1. What is the Sound Money Act?

The Sound Money Act is a legislative proposal aimed at reintroducing gold and silver as legal tender, alongside the existing currency. It also includes provisions for a state bullion depository and digital currencies backed by physical gold and silver.

2. Why is the Sound Money Act important?

This Act is crucial as it promotes financial stability and resilience. By integrating gold and silver into the monetary system, it offers a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation, ensuring a more stable and diversified economic environment.

3. How does the Sound Money Act benefit individuals and businesses?

Individuals and businesses benefit through increased options for saving and transacting. The Act provides a reliable alternative to fiat currency, especially in times of economic uncertainty, and encourages sound financial practices.

4. Will the Sound Money Act impact the current monetary system?

While the Act introduces additional options, it complements rather than replaces the current monetary system. It aims to provide more stability and confidence in the economy by offering alternatives that have historically held value.

5. Are there any risks associated with the Sound Money Act?

As with any financial initiative, there are risks, such as market fluctuations in gold and silver prices. However, the diversification of monetary options aims to mitigate overall economic risk.

6. How does the Sound Money Act align with global economic trends?

The Act aligns with global trends towards de-dollarization and diversification of reserves. It reflects a broader movement towards integrating tangible assets in financial systems to counterbalance the uncertainties of fiat currencies.

7. What is the role of digital currencies in the Sound Money Act?

Digital currencies backed by physical gold and silver combine the benefits of tangible assets with the convenience and efficiency of digital transactions, promoting a modern approach to sound money principles.

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