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Citizens for Sound Money has been developing a legislative platform that creates State precious metals depositories (as Texas has already done), and even goes so far as to create the basis for new State-issued currencies — mostly on digital platforms, but nevertheless linked to gold coin as the underlaying asset.

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Our mission extends beyond merely promoting sound money. We strive to influence policies across all government levels, advocate for fair trading practices for sound money-related assets, and educate individuals about the significance of sound money. Our mission is about the impact we aspire to create – a world where sound money principles are standard, not an exception.

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“Gold and Silver were chosen as money by the people, not by governments. They have withstood the test of time to serve as a medium of exchange and a store of value.” 

Jim Forsythe


Sound Markets Require Sound Money

Sound money, epitomized by assets like gold, has been a resilient foundation for stable markets, consistently outperforming traditional investments over the past two decades. Now, the emergence of digital-backed assets, such as cryptocurrencies tied to tangible assets, is reshaping the future of sound money, offering unprecedented accessibility and efficiency. At Citizens for Sound Money, we recognize the transformative potential of sound money and digital-backed assets in fostering economic growth and stability. Our mission is to educate, advocate, and lead the way in this financial revolution, bridging traditional investment with the digital economy. Join us in shaping a future where sound money creates sound markets.

our initiatives


Promote legislative measures that encourage the use of sound money, ensuring financial stability and economic freedom for all.

Asset Backed Digital Currencies

Digital currencies whose value is tied to tangible assets, combining the stability of traditional assets with the convenience and innovation of digital currencies


Fostering a well-informed society through comprehensive educational initiatives, including public seminars, workshops, and collaborations with educational institutions to incorporate sound money principles into their curriculum.

The Future of Sound Money

Asset Backed
Digital Currencies

In the rapidly evolving world of finance, Asset-Backed Digital Currencies (ABDCs) are emerging as a revolutionary concept. They combine the stability of traditional assets with the convenience and innovation of digital currencies. At Citizens for Sound Money, we believe ABDCs are a key component in the future of sound money.


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