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Sound Money Leadership Award Profiles, Part III

C4SM would like to highlight all of the Sound Money Leadership Award nominees for their contributions to sound money and sound markets. Keep an eye out for updates and don’t forget to . To see the full list of nominees, click here.

Nominee: Jake Ducey,

YouTube: I Love Prosperity

Amazon author page: Jake Ducey

Just like his YouTube channel name, Jake really does love prosperity! Jake brings tons of positivity and energy to the sound money arena. He takes holistic approach to living a life of prosperity that he believes in actually enjoying and has already published two books with Penguin/Random House publishing. Jake also has a unique and earnest interviewing style that brings out the best and most interesting stories from his guests.

Nominee: Nate Fisher,

Twitter: @NateFishPA

Nate is a unique entry into this list as he’s not a public figure, author, or otherwise famous person. This was one of the only pictures of him to be found online. In Nate’s own words, “At a quick glance, I like learning and understanding how things work. Puzzles, if you will. Just about everything you do in life has a “best practices” document somewhere, a standard operating procedure – I like to find the gray areas where people have not gone and add to best practices.”

“My most recent interests have gone towards stocks and investments”. And the Sound Money community is glad they have! His insights are fresh and unique and his due diligence is unmatched.

Nominee: Daniela Cambone-Taub, Editor-in-Chief, Stansberry Research

Twitter: @DanielaCambone

YouTube: Stansberry Research

Daniela accepted her current position at Stansberry Research in late 2020 after more than 12 years at Kitco news. She was instrumental in establishing Kitco and building it to its powerful position today in financial news. While much of her focus has been on mining, commodities, and precious metals, Daniela more than holds her own on any topic pertaining to markets. Through her efforts, Kitco was able to land interviews with the likes of Rand Paul, Mark Cuban, Steve Forbes and many others despite being a young, upstart outlet.

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