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Sound Money Leadership Award Profiles, Part VII

Nominee: Christopher Aaron, iGold Advisor Founder & Gold Eagle Senior Editor

Twitter: @iGlobalGold

Christopher’s Twitter bio describes him as a “former CIA drone officer turned anti-war advocate” which makes him a unique entry to this list. He used his background in intelligence and analysis to the financial markets in the early 2000s. Christopher’s ability to map repeating patterns in human behavior and integrate that data with a technical analysis of the financial markets has given him uncanny insight into current economic conditions and future possibilities.

Nominee: Ronnie Stoeferle, Incrementum

Twitter: @RonStoeferle

Ronnie bought his first share at the age of 14 and has not waned in his passion for finance and economics. He is an accomplished researcher and fund manager. Ronnie has also authored/co-authored his newsletter In Gold We Trust, founded in 2007 and two books Austrian School for Investors: Austrian Investing between Inflation and Deflation and The Zero Interest Rate Trap. He currently a partner at Incrementum AG overseeing Research and Portfolio Management.

Nominee: Tom Brodrovics, Palisades Gold Radio

Twitter: @PalisadesRadio

YouTube: Palisades Gold Radio

Tom’s background is in private oil and gas investing in Western Canada. He saw the light in 2013 when he attended a European entrepreneurship course and became a libertarian and contrarian economic thinker. Tom still assists oil and gas companies in Alberta and hosts Palisades Gold Radio, one of the best podcast in the PM and investing markets. Many of his guests have also made this list.

C4SM is proud to nominate Christopher Aaron, Ronnie Stoeferle, and Tom Bodrovics
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