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Sound Money Leadership Award Profiles, Part VIII

Nominee: Lyn Alden, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Twitter: @LynAldenContact

Lyn’s nomination included this description: “Incredible no-hype deep value macro analysis” and it’s absolutely true. While her educational background is in electrical engineering, you will find few analysts that understand and can breakdown the macroeconomic picture quite like Lyn. She is also a prolific writer, having been featured on Business Insider, Marketwatch, Time’s Money Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Street, CNBC, US News and World Report, Kiplinger, Huffington Post, and others. Lyn established her investment firm, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, in 2016 and provides unlimited value in free due diligence for investors through her website.

Nominee: Tavi Costa, Crescat Capital

Twitter: @TaviCosta

YouTube: Crescat Capital

Tavi is another master of research on this list. His work has been featured in Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CCN, Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Real Vision, and Reuters. Tavi is a native of Brazil, but attended university in the United States, even playing NCAA Division 1 tennis. Currently, Tavi is Portfolio Manager at Crescat Capital and built Crescat’s macro model that identifies the current stage of the US economic cycle through a combination of 16 factors.

Nominee: Alasdair Macleod, Goldmoney

Twitter: @MacleodFinance

YouTube: Goldmoney News

Alasdair has spent more than 40 years in the finance industry helping “demystify macro-economic events for his investors.” During that time, he has also been a consistent voice against unsound monetary policies and their abuses by governments onto their citizens. Alasdair is currently Head of Research at Goldmoney, an investment firm dedicated to precious metals bullion holdings.

C4SM is proud to nominate Lyn Alden, Tavi Costa, and Alasdair Macleod
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