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Sound Money Leadership Award Voting: 2021

Citizens for Sound Money ( would like to thank and recognize influential leaders who have been tireless advocates for sound money! We are going to give out ten “Sound Money Leadership Awards”. The criteria for this award:

  • Advocating for real price discovery in the precious metals markets

  • Advocating for people to protect themselves from inflation and currency devaluation via possession of precious metals and/or precious metals miners

  • Advocating the use sound money including finite issuance digital tokens, and precious metals

  • Raising awareness of the macroeconomic factors making sound money a critical component of ones holdings

Besides a certificate of appreciation, each award winner will receive a Kinesis KVT as thanks for their leadership. If they don’t wish to receive the KVT they may choose to pass it on to anyone they choose.

This award is made possible by those that have bought “extra” KVT as part of our discounted KVT offer:



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